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July 02, 2020

Beyond Blue Game Soundtrack Announced

Game Chronicles

"The Rachtmans curated the soundtrack to complement the unique narrative and environment of the game, where players are explorers experiencing the awesome wonder, mysteries, and creatures under the sea."

January 07, 2020

Jarvix's Top 10 Oklahoma Music Videos of 2019

TheSPYFM/KOSU (Evan Jarvicks)

"One of doubleVee's catchiest songs to date gets a snappy visual treatment in the modernist music video for 'Ladder for the People.'"

December 25, 2019

Albums Making Oklahoma Weirder in 2019

Oklahoma Gazette (Evan Jarvicks)

"Mad scientists Allan & Barb Vest continue to put out wildly inspired and surreal songs — some of the most meticulously composed rock music of its kind..."

July 31, 2019

"Songs for Birds and Bats" Review (Top Pick)

babysue (LMNOP aka dONW7)

"Looking for finely crafted music in a world filled with generic monotony? Pick up anything by doubleVee and prepare to be blown away."

June 05, 2019

"Songs for Birds and Bats" Review

Take Effect (Tom Haugen)

"An extremely intricate affair that’s both highly textured and highly inventive..."

May 29, 2019

7 Rad Rock Music Videos from Alt- to Indie-

YabYum Music + Arts

"Songs for Birds and Bats came out in April and the duo released this stellar animated music video for the single, 'Map the Channels....'"

May 15, 2019

Lyric video: OKC band doubleVee covers Starlight Mints with 'Goldstar Redux'

NewsOK (Brandy McDonnell)

"If the song sounds familiar, it's the pair's speedier, updated rendition of “Goldstar," from the Mints' 2003 album 'Built on Squares.'"

May 07, 2019

doubleVee: Songs for Birds and Bats Review

Midwest Record (Chris Spector)

"...the latest from this duo is going to resonate in the suburbs where kids can't believe how lame everything is."

May 06, 2019

PREMIERE: doubleVee Goldstar Redux (Lyrics Video)

Earbuddy (NK)

"...doubleVee are bringing us a new take on a Mints classic, 'Goldstar' with 'Goldstar Redux.'”

May 02, 2019

415 Indie Fascination: doubleVee

Come Here Floyd

"...Allan and Barb Vest's project doubleVee is unique to the bone."

April 29, 2019

New Music - doubleVee 'Map the Channels'

Yack Magazine

"The pair's vocals play off one another effortlessly really driving home the musical chemistry the pair possess."

April 25, 2019

Video: doubleVee's 'Map the Channels'

Back Beat Seattle (Dagmar)

"Watch for bats, cats and some very weird creatures...."

April 22, 2019

Monday Music Discovery

Uncovering Oklahoma

"The [Ladder for the People] video was filmed in the lovely mid-century modern home of April, Mike and Lucas Mays in Oklahoma City, with the skillful Dave Smith of Festival City Films handling the bulk of the camerawork."

April 22, 2019

Video Premiere: doubleVee Delivers Power-Pop Perfection via "Map the Channels"

Glide Magazine

"Glide is proud to premiere the official video for “Map the Channels” – an electrifying piece of work animated by [the work of] acclaimed artist Grant Fuhst."

April 16, 2019

doubleVee makes ‘Songs for ‘Birds and Bats’ and us too

Indie Band Guru (Scott Carlito)

"What captured my attention right out of the gate with this record was the multilayered master mix, which reflects the complexities of the arrangements that it’s charged with filtering excellently."

April 16, 2019

doubleVee, Songs for Birds and Bats

Imperfect Fifth (Meredith Schneider)

"If you haven’t had the pleasure of witnessing doubleVee until now, you get a sense by that third track that they could create music together in their sleep."

April 13, 2019

doubleVee drops EP

Too Much Love Magazine (John McCall)

"Neon grooves and brute basslines come together in a juicy juggernaut of melodic sounds in the new extended play from doubleVee."

April 12, 2019

doubleVee's New Record Songs for Birds and Bats (Sebastian Cole)

"....Songs for Birds and Bats is a record that any true blue indie rock fan would be crazy to pass up on this spring."

April 12, 2019

The New EP from doubleVee has Arrived

NeuFutur (Kim Muncie)

" is the defiantly decadent step towards greatness that the band needed to take before making their foray into the primetime limelight once and for all."

April 12, 2019

Songs for Birds and Bats Review

Music Existence (Loren Sperry)

"They bring the swagger in spades to this new EP, and rightfully so."

April 12, 2019

doubleVee Release New EP

Vents Magazine (Bethany Page)

"...this release is definitely a breakthrough moment for its creators, and deserves to be celebrated as such."

April 12, 2019

Feature Video | doubleVee | Ladder for the People

The Violet Wave (Libby Sutherland)

"The video, shot in a home recording style gives us serious White Stripes vibes, mixing new wave and garage band sounds and layering kaleidoscope filters over some of the shots."

WLUR 91.5 FM Music Review

Washington & Lee University, Lexington VA (Jeremy)

"The solid 5-song Songs for Birds and Bats EP will bring to mind the Mints' welcome left-of-center take on indie rock, melding elements of new wave, psych pop, and '90s alt-rock into the mix -- all with a clever, tongue-in-cheek twist to songwriting."

April 10, 2019

doubleVee Release Single ‘Ladder for the People’ Ahead Of EP ‘Songs for Birds and Bats’

Essentially Pop (Lisa Hafey)

"‘Ladder For The People’, released on March 29, is upbeat and quirky, and immensely re-playable."

April 10, 2019

doubleVee, Songs for Birds and Bats

The JW Vibe

"doubleVee is comprised of Allan and Barb Vest, whose soaring vocals truly mesh to create harmonic genius."

April 10, 2019

doubleVee Drop Vibrant ‘Songs for Birds and Bats’

CelebMix (Randy Radic)

"On Songs for Birds and Bats, doubleVee demonstrate their gift for innovative, exuberant pop music full of contagious rhythms."

April 04, 2019

Current Releases: doubleVee Songs for Birds and Bats

Bank Robber Music (John Newcomer)

"Songs are replete with sonic shifts, hints of just about everything from doo-wop to glam rock. It’s a cornucopia of wonders!"

April 03, 2019

doubleVee Share Single "Ladder for the People"

GIGSoup (Merrit Crowe)

"The song has a retro-rocking vibe that will surely bring to mind The B-52’s."

April 01, 2019

OKC band doubleVee gets fans seeing double with 'Ladder for the People' music video

NewsOK: Brandy McDonnell

"Oklahoma City-based band doubleVee - former Starlight Mints frontman Allan Vest and producer Barb Vest -  have fans seeing double with the trippy music video for their infectious new song 'Ladder for the People.'"

March 29, 2019

Premiere: doubleVee Ladder for the People

Surviving the Golden Age (Adam Morgan)

"The song mixes elements of new wave and garage band revival to create an invigorating sound."

December 29, 2017

doubleVee Album at #4 on Evan Jarvicks' Top 20 LPs of 2017 List

Cellar Door Music Group

"There is simply nothing happening anywhere in the world of music right now that is at the creative level of doubleVee, and its debut album is not only essential listening to local ears in Oklahoma, but to anyone who considers themselves a steward of experimental pop music."

December 16, 2017

doubleVee Album Included in Top 10 Albums of the Year List

Independent Clauses

"With shimmers reminiscent of Oingo Boingo, this is musical deliciousness not to be missed."

December 15, 2017

OKC Artist Allin KHG Turns Unwanted Toys into Unusual Works of Art

The Oklahoman, Allin's toys were used in the doubleVee video for "What You Deserve."

"The husband-and-wife musicians asked KHG to include some of his art toys in the music video for their quirky and catchy ditty "What You Deserve," one of the tracks from doubleVee’s debut concept album The Moonlit Fables of Jack The Rider, released in February. In the clip, the Vests, who co-directed with Dave Smith of Festival City Films, play a couple rescued from a burglar by their horde of creepily cute mechanical playthings."

September 25, 2017

Behind the Music: Interview with doubleVee, Visionaries of Avant-Garde Pop Music

Huffington Post

"Together, as doubleVee, they create what I call mischievous pop music with avant-garde flair."

August 31, 2017

Bank Robber Music: New Tunes-O-Rama: Labor Day Edition

Bank Robber Music

"I don’t know what’s weirder in this new doubleVee video? The Shining meets 2001 never-ending psychedelic scroll, the skinless animal robots, or the fact that the whole thing is kinda cute?"

August 31, 2017

Roasted Potato Poutine: Listening to doubleVee

I Sing in the Kitchen

"The Moonlit Fables of Jack the Rider is a dream of a concept album. Kind of weird with lots of quirks in the music, it’s wicked awesome."

August 29, 2017

Watch: Oklahoma City Duo doubleVee are Rescued by Creepily Cute Toys in New 'What You Deserve' Music Video

BAM'S Blog, The Oklahoman

"Since bowing their debut album The Moonlit Fables of Jack The Rider in February, Oklahoma City-based indie rockers doubleVee have released a series of delightfully imaginative music videos."

August 29, 2017

doubleVee: What You Deserve Video Premiere

Impose Magazine

July 11, 2017

doubleVee: Frucus Minus [The Flycatcher] Review

Band Blurb

"There’s so much here for both hardcore music fans and casual listeners alike to enjoy – if they like to be challenged. doubleVee isn’t completely from a different universe, but they certainly want to move you out of your comfort zone a little and do so with immense skill and style."

July 09, 2017

Double Trouble: An Interview with Allan & Barb Vest of doubleVee

Ghettoblaster Magazine

June 20, 2017

doubleVee Drops New Single

Indie Music Reviews

"Allan Vest has made enormous strides since his departure from Starlight Mints and bringing Barb Vest’s talents into play has deepened its quality and heightened the act’s overall potential. This is a single quite unlike anything else going right now and will win over any open minded listeners."

June 15, 2017

Album Review


"Founded by former Starlight Mints frontman Allan Vest and his wife Barb, doubleVee is just as quirky as you’d hoped they would be, based on his track record."

June 14, 2017

doubleVee: Frucus Minus [The Flycatcher] Review

Paste Magazine

"The song will appeal to any Mints fan. The addition of Barb Vest's beautiful voice is a welcome contrast to Allan's more business-like approach.  The video definitely feels like an homage to Wes Anderson. We're fans of both. So we're happy to share this video with you."

June 13, 2017

Frucus Minus [The Flycatcher] Review

Skope Magazine

"doubleVee have just enough commerciality to their sound that they are capable of even hooking casual fans in with their offhanded melodic excellence."

June 13, 2017

doubleVee Drops New Single

Vents Magazine

"doubleVee has a very idiosyncratic take on established genres and it keeps listeners guessing throughout."

June 13, 2017

doubleVee Drop New Single and Video


"Few indie releases in 2017 will prove as memorable as doubleVee’s debut album The Moonlit Fables of Jack the Rider."

June 09, 2017

Watch: Oklahoma City Duo doubleVee Takes Flight in Video For "Frucus Minus (The Flycatcher)"

BAM's Blog, The Oklahoman

June 01, 2017

doubleVee Interview

VENTS Magazine

Page 201

May 24, 2017

Frucus Minus [The Flycatcher] Video Premiere

Indie Rock Cafe

"'Frucus Minus (The Flycatcher),' is a quirky and entertaining video with a hypnotic bass and drum hook throughout, and a zany, melodic stomp."

May 22, 2017

"What You Deserve" on CKUA's House Blend Playlist

Alberta, Canada

"The Moonlit Fables of Jack the Rider is the name of this album, and if that alone isn’t enticement enough to have one plunder into the sonic treats contained herein, the cover art featuring a ‘Gauginesque’ character poised alongside a bicycle is sure to pique your interest."

May 05, 2017

Album Review

Midwest Record

"Outsider music that colors inside the lines that reveres the 60s ethos, this set is for today's lit minded listener that wants an experience to leave them guessing as often as it enlightens."

March 02, 2017

doubleVee's Jack the Rider Takes Listeners Along an Unbeaten Path

Oklahoma Gazette

"To play doubleVee’s new album The Moonlit Fables of Jack the Rider is to enter another dimension — one not only of sight and sound, but of mind."

February 27, 2017

Watch: Oklahoma City's doubleVee Releases Off-Kilter, Locally Shot Video for 'Dangerous World'

BAM's Blog, The Oklahoman

February 23, 2017

Video Premiere: doubleVee Dangerous World

New Noise Magazine

"In this video presentation, doubleVee showcase their magic in the form of their soundscape, while also contributing a rather mad and visually cryptic video alongside."

February 14, 2017

doubleVee's Latest Album Courageously Unconventional

Norman Transcript

"It’s a collection of songs radiating moonlight that offer an enigmatic message wrapped in courageously unconventional music."

February 10, 2017

Album Release Press Release

February 10, 2017

Indie Rock Royalty: doubleVee's Debut Album Drops Today


February 09, 2017

doubleVee Releases 'Jack the Rider' Concept Album, Animated Video

BAM's Blog, The Oklahoman

"doubleVee doubles down on the Tim Burton/Henry Selick vibe with the video to 'Jack the Rider.'

The Burton-esque animated video gives us our first look into Jack’s world, lusciously animated by Paul Solomons with characters based on the album's artwork by Grant Fuhst."

February 08, 2017

Cymbal Pick of the Day: Dangerous World

Cellar Door Music Group

February 07, 2017

Album Review


"This one's a totally cool experience from start to finish."

February 06, 2017

doubleVee: A Trippy Wander of a Concept Album

Independent Clauses

"Former Starlight Mints frontman Allan Vest and producer Barb Vest are having no issues creating magic with an incredible blend of vibes that includes touches from the best of the 1980s new wave experimental revolution."

February 01, 2017

BlackBook Premiere: doubleVee's Animated 'Jack the Rider' Video


January 11, 2017

Album Pre-Orders Press Release

December 19, 2016

Listen: doubleVee's Unsettling Rendition of 'Silver Bells'

BAM's Blog, The Oklahoman

"[doubleVee] have released a cheerfully unsettling rendition of 'Silver Bells' that sounds like it came straight out of Halloween Town. If anyone ever manages to stop-motion animate a great sequel of 'The Nightmare Before Christmas,' doubleVee's version of the holiday classic should be at the top of the soundtrack list."

December 18, 2016

'Silver Bells' Press Release

December 06, 2016

Dangerous World Single Press Release

November 30, 2016

doubleVee Gets Dangerous On New Single

Middle of Nowhere Debut, The Oklahoman

"Think of it as a theatrical return to form for Allan Vest whose arrangements have always tickled pop sensibilities with a lush, orchestrated flair and a chance to hear Barb Vest hold her own with harmonious vocals and electronic flourishes."

November 16, 2016

doubleVee on Creative Chemistry, Oklahoma City and Their Future

PledgeMusic Blog

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